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LeadTecno is the leading IT training provider in entry level tech talent powering global leaders. We train on leading-edge, next-gen, and niche technologies to put our candidate out in front of their competition. We can completely redefine how you find, build, retain and grow your future technology talent. 

We partner with one of the best technology mentors in north America to provide Job oriented training programs

There is an importance of training and placement in todays Job market. Get well trained in the job fields to deliver the best of their skills and make a high impact in the industry. Our Training and Placement Programs for PRs, and Citizens help get placed with the best jobs in big partnered companies. We deal with IT job placement and trainings for latest technologies and job profiles for entry Level IT Graduates looking for jobs in Data Analytics, Data Science, Business Analysis Sales force, Quality assurance.

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Trending Programs

  • Agile Business Analysis Program

    This Agile business analysis programs will help you gain expertise in business analysis activities in the Agile environment. The programs will help you master the agile business analysis skills in Scrum, Kanban and other Agile methodologies.

  • Data Analytics Program

    Throughout the program, students gain proficiencies on numerous marketable technologies, including basic and advanced Microsoft Excel, Structured Query Language (SQL), Tableau, Power BI and more.

  • Data Science Bootcamp

    Our online master’s in Data Science program lets you gain proficiency in Data Science. You will work on real-world projects in Data Science with R, Hadoop Dev, Admin, Test and Analysis, Apache Spark, Scala, Deep Learning, Tableau, Data Science with SAS, SQL, MongoDB and more.

  • Essentials of Manual Testing

    Manual Quality Assurance testing will equip you to take first step into IT career and provide expertise in various applications and software development cycle. Training program is designed as per various critical testing applications. By the end of the training, you will be well assured to be an expert in manual IT quality assurance testing.

  • Essentials of Automation Testing

    We have one of the best Automation testing programs in Canada. Trained by one of the most experienced trainers in north America. Automation testing is a sort out of skills in todays IT job market. An average salary for an automation tester is above $75,000 and above. We provide training, resume prep, interview prep, resume marketing, live project support.

  • Full Stack Quality Testing

    This program is designed by our Industry experts. The program will provide you manual & automation testing skills, covering key components and various testing methodologies. This program will provide you the exact skills required in todays IT job market. An average salary is $85,000 and above for this role. This program will provide various practical testing scenarios. We will provide you resume, interview prep, resume marketing, live project support.

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Industry Level Projects Training

Trained Industry Experts

Resume Writing

Interview Preparation

Training & Placement Support

Live Project Support

Why Choose Us?

Job seekers are having a big competition in job-search in every industry like searching for entry-level jobs in the USA & Canada ; so this is a great option to choose our training and placement and get skilled in your domain. We have this program to give you the best of the skills and help you build a successful career kick start. Our expert trainers will train you in the best possible way to let you learn and gain knowledge about all the high industry level work experience and that will be rewarding throughout your career.

Our Training and Placement Programs constitute highly skilled professionals who mentor the best access for Training Sessions online, Training and Placement, and on the job Support. We have industry experts to teach you all the deep and high volume programs for beginners and we provide advanced training. You will get to learn everything about the high industry level work experience.

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