Data Science Bootcamp

Data Science Bootcamp Program



280 Hrs

Self Paced Learning

124 Hrs

Live Sessions





About the program

The Data Science Bootcamp is an immersive learning coding bootcamp, designed to get you hired. Create robust predictive models and build the confidence and credibility to tackle complex machine learning problems
on the job. 

Build professional projects like the top 1% Data Scientists and create a solid job-worthy portfolio to impress top recruiters with and land your dream job as a Data Scientist.

Data Science Bootcamp Program

What's Included?

Agile Business Analysis Course

Build a job-worthy project portfolio

Are you a creative, curious, and ambitious professional looking to join the data revolution? If so—or if any of the following describes your situation—enrolling in our Data Analytics training and placement program could be a smart career move:

  • You want to switch into Information Technology field, and start your career in data analytics, data analysis or business intelligence areas.
  • You are currently a professional working with data but are looking to advance your career by building technical skills.
  • You are a manager or professional in a business where data can be used to boost your company’s bottom line.
  • You have interests in visualizing social, consumer, or popular trends.


Bootcamp structure

  • Kickstart

  • Pre-Bootcamp

    Get up to speed with fundamental principles.

  • Bootcamp

    124 Hours of live instructor-led sessions. 280 Hours of on-demand self-learning. 400 Hours of cloud labs.

  • Capstone

    Deploy on Cloud. Publish on GitHub.

  • Graduction

    Resume building. Mock interviews. Expert advice on portfolio. Fine-tune your presentation skills.

Who should Attend
this course?

Program Outline

Get a strong understanding of programming, essential tools, and concepts in Mathematics
and Statistics that are necessary to the practice of Data Science.

Programming Essentials & Introduction to the Web

✓ Fundamentals of Computers
✓ The World Wide Web
✓ People and Companies
✓ Fundamentals of Computer Programming

MS Excel Basics

✓ Capstone Project

Python for Data Science 

✓ Introduction to Python
✓ Code & Data
✓ Building Blocks
✓ Strings
✓ Data Structures
✓ Flow Control
✓ Functions
✓ Modules
✓ Files
✓ NumPy
✓ Regular Experssion
✓ Visualization

Explore how to use Python and Machine Learning to learn the application of Data Science in work-related scenarios. 

SQL Basics 

✓ Introduction to Relational Databases
✓ Introduction to SQL operations, Clauses and Functions
✓ Capstone Project

No SQL Basics

✓ NoSQL and Document Databases
✓ MongoDB Basics
✓ MongoDB Atlas Set-up
✓ Introduction to CRUD Operations in MongoDB
✓ MongoDB Drivers + Python Demo

Learn the basics of Machine Learning along with mathematical and statistical concepts.

Mathematics & Statistics Foundation

✓ Probability
✓ Satistics 
✓ Linear Algebra
✓ Calculus

Course curriculum
✓ Introduction
✓ Python Basics
✓ Data in Python
✓ Data Visualization
✓ Satistics 
✓ Advanced Data Analytics
✓ Machine Learning Basics
✓ Feature Extraction
✓ Naive Bayes Models
✓ Support Vector Machines and Regression
✓ Logistics Regression
✓ Model Evaluation and Ensemble Learning
✓ Dimensionality Reduction

Learn how to leverage NLP and Deep Learning concepts to add teeth to your capability in data science.

Deep Learning with Keras & TensorFlow

✓ Capstone Project

Natural Language Processing

✓ Introduction to Natural Language Processing
✓ Practical Understanding of Corpus and Dataset
✓ Understanding the Structure of Sentences
✓ Essentials of NLP
✓ Feature Engineering, Text Vectorization, and Transformation Pipelines
✓ NLP with Libraries – Part 1 & 2
✓ Sentiment Analysis
✓ Machine Learning for NLP Problems
✓ Topic Modeeling and Word Embeddings

Put your data science learning into practice, work on projects that involve different
industries and see how you can use data science tools to solve problems. Get certified
after clearing your final assessment.

Deploying Models on Cloud

✓ Standard
✓ Regular
✓ Social Media & Internet
✓ Medicine & Health
✓ Sports
✓ Finance Industry
✓ Other
✓ Niche & Advanced

Post-Bootcamp Activities

✓ Deploying a portfolio web app on the cloud & making it available on GitHub. 
✓ CV/Resume Preparation
✓ Interview Analysis & Feedback
✓ Career Counselling
✓ Interview Preparation 

Final Assessment 

✓ Module Assessment 
✓ Mini project / Assignment 
✓ Project
✓ Final Test


✓ Course Completion Certification

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